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Political Studies Association of Ireland


Irish Political Studies Journal

Irish Political Studies (IPS) is the only refereed journal exclusively dedicated to the publication of high-quality academic articles on Irish politics. It covers politics in the Republic of Ireland, in Northern Ireland, the politics of their bilateral relationship and the politics of their relationship with the United Kingdom, and the European Union. IPS is the official journal of the Political Studies Association of Ireland, the professional body of political scientists in Ireland, North and South.

Founded in 1986 Irish Political Studies has served a crucial constituency of academics, students, journalists and political practitioners. It is the fundamental resource for any serious study of contemporary Ireland and has also contributed significantly to a greater understanding of Irish political science, political history, and has helped to place Irish politics in a broader comparative perspective.


  • Liam Weeks, (University College Cork)
  • Dawn Walsh (University College Dublin)

Reviews Editor:

  • Patrick Finnegan (St. Andrews)

Associate Editors (Data Yearbook):

  • Alan DugganTrinity College Dublin, 
  • Lisa WhittenQueens University Belfast

Editorial Board:

  • Arthur Aughey – University of Ulster, UK
  • John Coakley – University College Dublin, Ireland
  • R. Kenneth Carty– University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Richard English – University of St Andrews, UK
  • David Farrell – University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Michael Gallagher – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Yvonne Galligan – Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • John Garry Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • Brian Girvin – University of Glasgow, UK
  • Richard S. Grayson – Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
  • Alan Greer – University of the West of England, UK
  • Niamh Hardiman – University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Macartan Humphreys – Columbia University, USA
  • Richard Katz – Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Michael Laver – New York University, USA
  • Ian McAllister – Australian National University, Australia
  • Cillian McBride – Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • John McGarry – Waterloo University, Canada
  • Michael Marsh – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • James McAuley – University of Huddersfield, UK
  • Gail McElroy – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Elizabeth Meehan Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • Paul Mitchell – London School of Economics, UK
  • Gary Murphy – Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Brendan O’Leary – University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Eoin O’Malley – Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Henry Patterson – University of Ulster, UK
  • Peter Shirlow – University of Liverpool, UK
  • Jane Suiter – Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Jennifer Todd – University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Jon Tonge – University of Liverpool, UK
  • Ben Tonra – University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Rick Wilford – Queen’s University Belfast, UK