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Political Studies Association of Ireland


Specialist groups

The Political Studies Association of Ireland exists to promote the study of politics both in and of Ireland. The Association is concerned with politics, not simply Irish politics. To this end, it has established a number of specialist groups, as a way of supporting those who teach and research across the disciplinary spectrum. All members of specialist groups must also be or become PSAI members.

These specialist groups are an effective networking resource through which contacts and research partnerships can be developed. They undertake a range of activities – dedicated newsletters or email discussion fora; hosting workshops or seminars; sponsoring panels at the PSAI annual conference and its annual postgraduate conference; bringing together collections of papers for submission to journal special issues; assisting postgraduate students to attend meetings; and so on.

Specialist groups can apply for funding for events from the PSAI. See Funding Calls page for details.

New Specialist Groups

Members interested in setting up a specialist group should form a group with a minimum of seven members. It is recommended that each group have two convenors located in different institutions. A specialist group proposal should be submitted to the PSAI Secretary for consideration by the Committee. It is recommended that the proposal include details on the theme and proposed activities of the group.

It should be noted that not all applications to form a specialist group will be accepted. The PSAI committee will make its decisions on a case-by-case basis, having regard to available resources, the likely level of interest among the membership as and other relevant factors.