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Political Studies Association of Ireland


Gender and Politics Specialist Group


Dr. Claire McGing, IADT Dún Laoghaire . Email:

Dr. Lisa Keenan, Trinity College Dublin. Email:


The Gender and Politics Specialist Group of the Political Science Association of Ireland (PSAI) has two main aims.

  1. The first is to provide a central point for PSAI members, women and men, whose research is concerned with the study of gender and sexuality in politics. It will formalise and build productive networks among scholars (from postgraduate students to established academics). The specialist group will be a forum for discussion or research about gender politics.
  2. The second aim of the Gender and Politics Specialist Group is to act as a network for women in the PSAI whether or not their research is related to gender. The group has a commitment to encourage the presence and visibility of women in the PSAI and the discipline. The group will monitor the position of all women studying and teaching politics across the island of Ireland and will act as a network of communication and support among women in the discipline. Finally, the group will liaise with other associations concerned with gender politics, the status of women or with women’s studies.


The Gender and Politics Specialist Group is committed to having a dedicated panel(s) at the annual PSAI conference. It also encourages its members to disseminate their research at other association conferences (such as the PSA, the ECPR, APSA, and IPSA). The group is a forum for professional networking between those working in the area and it is envisaged that there will be research collaborations leading to publications and research funding bids.


The Gender and Politics Specialist Group welcomes members from across disciplinary areas and specialist areas within including politics, law, management, economics, business and history. To become a member of the Group you must be a member of the PSAI, which you can join here.

You do not have to belong to an Irish university to be a PSAI member or to join the Group.