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Political Studies Association of Ireland


Academic Freedom

PSAI Academic Freedom Statement

PSAI values academic freedom as core to the teaching and research activities of its members. The association understands academic freedom in line with the 1997 Irish Universities Act, which stipulates that:

“(2) A member of the academic staff of a university shall have the freedom, within the law, in his or her teaching, research and any other activities either in or outside the university, to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions and shall not be disadvantaged, or subject to less favourable treatment by the university, for the exercise of that freedom.”

As such, PSAI views threats to academic freedom as stemming from incidents, regulations, organizational activities, and/or informal practices that violate the letter or spirit of this clause. Since 2022 the association has appointed an Academic Freedom officer with the remit to raise awareness about academic freedom and assist, within the organization’s capabilities, the PSAI membership with issues related to academic freedom.

If you are a PSAI member and you would like to report a violation of academic freedom that you have experienced, please email the current Academic Freedom Officer at to arrange a meeting.

PSAI Academic Freedom Survey

Report on the PSAI’s Academic Freedom Survey (2023).

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