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Political Studies Association of Ireland


Wanted-PSAI Blog Manager


Wanted-PSAI Blog Manager

The Political Studies Association Ireland are looking for an enthusiastic person (or persons) who would agree to curate the PSAI Blog-“Irish Politics Forum-a PSAI blog for the discussion of politics, policy and political reform”. The blog curator would be co-opted onto the PSAI Executive Committee, and otherwise supported by the PSAI.


The blog, a simple WordPress account, has been in operation since 2011 and is linked to the PSAI’s Twitter accounts.  The subject matter of the blog is very open. It can include all subjects under the broadest possible definition of political studies and political science-the topics do not have to be about Irish politics narrowly defined.


Posts include long opinion pieces, book review type submissions, quick commentaries on contemporaneous events, reports of conferences or events, awards and activities of interest.


What is required is the commissioning of short pieces-300 to 500 words from academics, post graduates and suitably interested persons. Some editorial skills are required to ensure the quality and probity of content meets the high standards of the PSAI but extensive re-writing of submissions is not required or expected. The successful blog manager(s) should ensure suitable imagery is available to link with each post and ideally the aim would be to have about one blog post a week.


The PSAI would welcome creative suggestions for how the blog could be refreshed and renewed. Have a look at the blog at:


And please contact Dr. Diarmuid Torney (DCU, PSAI Executive Committee) with your suggestions at